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Dreamwalls Paints is committed to manufacturing, marketing and distributing paint and water-proofing products since 2004. Its prime focus is benefiting a wide variety of domestic and international market needs.

Having expanded dramatically from a collection of small scale family-run businesses into a significant industrial corporation, Dreamwalls Paints manufactures paints and coatings that customers count on for quality across Maharastra and Karnataka.

Superior performance, expert advice and the most convenient service distinguish Dreamwalls Paints brand. Our technical systems and resources continue to support our commitment to ensuring optimum product performance.


Continuous research and development enable us to offer coatings engineered to exceed the most stringent specifications. Producing paint formulations that have been rigorously tested to perform in specific climate conditions. These formulations can withstand extreme weather while offering superior performance properties such as adhesion to various substrates, durability and fade resistance.Dreamwalls Paints brings colour to life through palettes and finishes as richly varied as the world in which we live. Architects, designers, contractors, home builders, painters and do-it-yourselfers can easily specify colours that make individual statements about taste and lifestyle preferences.

Passionate about partnering with customers to formulate architectural paints, industrial coatings, waterproof coatings and wood-care products that achieve desired results and set the industry standard for excellence. By partnering with customers to find out exactly what each regional market segment is looking for in our products, we have given a new meaning to the term responsiveness. Applying our knowledge along with cutting-edge technology, to create paint and coating formulations that satisfy the preservation, durability and magnificence requirements of customers. This ensures that our products reflect our commitment to the creation and specialised leadership. Our products and services are a benchmark for superiority and quality. No matter how vast our reach is, we continue to benefit customers individually, just as we always have.
Standing behind our exceptional products are Dreamwalls Paints’ extraordinary people throughout the team. Passionate about working closely with customers, sharing knowledge, and providing thorough, responsive service, they embody our philosophy while guiding our daily operations with skill and quality. Creativity, innovation, talent and commitment are among the attributes our people apply to their work and thus to the quality of our products. Their passion for a job well done is evident in all aspects of our company, across our product brand, but most of all in the thousands of loyal customers we serve every day.
Over the past 18 years, our company have established solid relationships with customers in each of the market segments that we serve. We continue to respond to these specialized and demanding customers by developing specific marketing strategies and products that they can rely on for the best possible results. Our passion for superior performance encompasses the role we fulfil as model corporate citizens. Throughout our history we’ve actively contributed to the communities in which we operate, protecting natural resources and supporting a variety of social programs.

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